Who is Hosting Tools:My Ip Neighbor

November 30, 2010

If you are looking for a tools to find who are sharing with your virtual host,with the same IP address.below tools is what you really want.

Website Tools: my ip neighbor

Website Address:http://www.my-ip-neighbors.com

Tools Functions:Find who is share the host with your website.

Tools Descriptions:
My IP Neighbors lets you find out if any other web sites (“virtual hosts”) are hosted on a given web server.

The tool is a great way to find out who your hosting neighbors are, or just to see how many other websites your hosting company runs from the same machine. Or perhaps you’d like to know if that flashy company still uses cheap hosting like the rest of us.

You can search by hostname or by IP. Search results include the neighbor’s website URL’s and titles, and links to WHOIS data.

The search result is accurate。

This is a Sample of seach result:
Query limit:0 of 200 allowed query per 24 hours
Resolved IP : (ARIN)
Neighbors :124
Server country :United States

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