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December 6, 2010

Anyone who want to build a website,The first step is about Domain name register.Some question you will ask yourself:

Which way do you Register a domain name?

How to find a better domain name?

Where to get a cheap and very effective way to build large amounts of traffic?

Anser is simple. The method is fairly simple by registering a domain that has expired with lots of traffic,Then you get a domain with lots of traffic,Business is coming.

How to find expiring domains?

The Process you have to know

There are lots of domains sites provide service like this.You can get massive amounts of traffic due to unknown reasons the web master has lost interest or can not afford the keep the site running so they do not renew their domain. After the domains expiration date there is a period between 1 and 2 months where the owner can still renew their domain if they do not then the domain drops and is available for anyone to register.

Getting the right domain

You can use and others website like this, it is free and has some advanced search/filtering features and will track each domains Page Rank and Alexa Rank. I would go mainly for domains with good Alexa Rank as a domains Page Rank will drop after you register it.

Registering a dropped domain

This is also know as catching and there are a few ways to do this you can hand register like you would with any other domain after the domain drops or you can use a back order service ranging from $20-$60.Depending on the value of the domain and its traffic will help you decide which way to go.

For a low ranking domain say Page Rank 2 or an Alexa Rank of 4,000,000 you can catch the domain for cheaper by hand registering it. For something a bit better like Page Rank 4 or an Alexa Rank of 1,000,000 you can use GoDaddys back order service for around $20 including registration fees.

for anything with a Page Rank higher than 4 or an Alexa Rank higher then 1,000,000 you need to use a professional back order service like SnapNames costing around $59. and some shorter domain maybe cost $1000.just need you bid.

Find Domain Names with Traffic & Google PageRank

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