Top 4 WordPress Coupon Themes and Plugins

February 4, 2012

This WordPress coupon themes and plugins permit you to turn your WP blog into a fully functional WordPress coupon site or let you simply add a single page of coupons to offer discounts or promotional codes to your readers. Either way you choose to integrate this functionality, WordPress coupon plugins and themes provide another way to monetize your blog. This is an especially attractive offering for users as everyone loves to get extra discounts on great products and services. In a world where killer savings are just a click away, it can be lucrative to extend various coupons and discount codes to your viewers. So if you’re looking for alternative ways to monetize your WP blog and offer your subscribers a little something extra, check out our review list of some of the best WordPress coupon themes and plugins below. Otherwise, if you’re in need of some other great WP stuff, see our premium WordPress plugins directory.


CouponPress – This WordPress coupon theme comes as a premium offering and skins your entire WordPress site as one designed for coupon offerings. One of the more widely used options, CouponPress can be customized for your particular branding needs. A full administrative back end comes with this premium theme giving you additional controls over how your coupon site’s interface is presented as well as how it interacts with site visitors.


WP Coupon – Another premium WordPress theme for coupons is WPCoupon. This WP theme can be used for turning your WordPress site into a coupon manager with several categories for organizing your coupon offerings. The idea is to plug-n-play coupons into your existing website, adding a coupon layer for good measure and increased customer service appeal. WPCoupon offers sponsored coupon sections, subscription options for site users, and a custom backend for managing the website.


Coupon Ads Theme – While though its features and format seem more geared towards online retailers, the Coupon Ads Theme also effectively turns your WordPress blog into a coupon website. Third party retailers will find the combination of coupons and ads useful for driving traffic and converting sales. The Coupon Ads Theme integrates with payment gateways and offers user-friendly features like visitor based ratings and reviews as well as social media sharing capabilities.


WordPress Coupon Maker – For a more basic WordPress coupon plugin, the Coupon Maker can be integrated into your existing WP blog. The result is a quick and fairly clean option for adding a coupon to your WordPress sidebar. Unlike complete themes, the Coupon Maker is geared towards those that want to offer a single coupon or two for their own purposes. This is great if you’re looking to extend a discount for certain products you sell directly such as an ebook or other digital products.

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