Top 4 Photos Widget Promote Traffic Ways to Webmaster

January 1, 2011

How to rapidly increase your website traffic?

Below 4 ways maybe the simple to promote your visitor traffic increasing 250%-300% easily,Let’s see how we do.


In just a few steps you become part of the zaparena traffic network, which allows you to increase the number of visitors to your website. Description of the service:

  • Your website

Register your website and generate a customized widget for your website. Integration is simple and possible without in-depth technical knowledge.

  • Your contents

Once you have integrated the widget into your website, you can add news teasers of your website. These then cycle through the zaparena traffic network on websites with the same target group.

You will receive 200-250% more visitors than you send to zaparena. If 100 visitors click on the widget on your website, you will receive between 200-250 interested visitors.
Other Function:

Earning Additional Revenue

In addition to the news teasers, your widgets can also display paid advertising teasers. The result is not only an increase in the number of visitors, but a simultaneous increase in the monetary value of your website. Thanks to comprehensive statistics you can monitor and optimize your success at any time.

High Traffic Quality

zaparena guarantees a high degree of quality of visitors who choose to click on the featured teasers out of interest in your content. We apply extensive protection and filter mechanisms to detect and prevent fraud. As a result, you can be sure that you will only get genuine, high-quality visitors via zaparena.

Adapting the Widget to Your Website

Without technical knowledge, you can quickly and optimally adapt the standard widget provided to your website, and receive an unobtrusive and yet very effective marketing tool. Apart from a image widget, we will also provide you with text widgets and text links. Assigning categories to your website ensures that only contents and news that are of interest to your target group are displayed.

Optimizing the Click-Through Rate

Through continuous performance analyses of the rotating news displayed in your widget you generate more clicks on your widgets. In turn, the click-through rate increase has a positive effect on traffic to your website (the more clicks you send to zaparena through the widget, the more visitors you will receive in return).

No Costs, Obligations or Additional Work

Of course, the zaparena traffic network is free and without obligation. With just a few simple steps you will have generated the widget and incorporated it into your website. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can end your participation at any time and for any reason.

2.  photos

What is Wahoha?

A way for you to multiply your sites visitors. You send us visitors, and we’ll send you around twice as many back. We multiply your traffic.

How do you get started with Wahoha?

After you join, you will immediately be taken to where you get the HTML code for your Wahoha widget. Then add a few posts of your content using our post add tool. Your posts will soon appear in our network, and your new stream of visitors will start flowing in!

Who can join?

We like well established websites with original quality content aimed at english readers primarily. We do not accept sites that are spammy, have illegal content, or are overtly pornographic. Everyone else is welcome!

3. is made by bloggers for bloggers. All sites are manually picked. All links are selected daily by hand. 2leep’s mission is to connect all cool content on the Internet and make it more accessible by mutual effort. Return rates exceed 180%. For example, sending 1000 hits would bring your site 2000 hits. Check out some of our current partners on Alexa to see how much traffic 2leep sends:


…and it’s all free, working for hundreds more sites daily!

Like this:

4. photo widget

Place your articles on our pages and increase your daily visitors and views by 150% to 300%.

After placing our News Widget on your site, MGID advertises your site’s most interesting stories on our news pages and on the News Widgets on other sites and sends you at least 150% – 300% of the number of visitors that you send to MGID. No sites with sexually explicit material or less than 1000 daily visitors.

This 4 photo widget traffic network make your website more beautiful and more useful.

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