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December 1, 2010

Google AdWords Editor is a free tools developed by Google;
Google developed this client program Tools,aim to dedicate to AdWords keyword,manage large numbers of major clients. It simplifies to position and edit keywords, specific activities to find work, text ads cut and paste the contents of the work.It makes adwords so easy.

Bellow is maybe the reason of users like Google Adwords Editor. Google Google Adwords Editor features include:

1. Save a snapshot of your account for archiving or for sharing. Later, you can import the archive file to restore your prior account settings.
Account / data archiving and sharing of import and export;

2. Automatically organize your keywords into ad groups based on common themes.
Automatically grouped according to subject keywords;

3. Submit multiple exception requests at once.
Bulk submission of applications for exemption ( SouthGrass : when the user edited the ad format, the text does not meet the Google Adwords editorial guidelines, you can apply to the Google requires special care, that is, an application for exemption);

4. Easily find and edit bids, destination URLs, and text for ads, keywords, or sites.
After searching the rapid editing;

5. Search your account quickly. Perform simple word searches, or do an Advanced Search to find items that meet the multiple criteria that you specify.
Account the keyword search: sub-field of search;

6. Undelete and activate previously deleted text ads.
Restore accidentally deleted keywords / ads;

7. If you need to edit your keywords or ads in a spreadsheet, copy the items to edit from the data view and paste them into a spreadsheet. Make your changes, then paste the contents of the spreadsheet directly into the appropriate Add / Update Multiple tool.
Keywords EXCEL table management, and bulk upload;

8. Make bulk changes to destination URLs using the Add / Update Multiple tools or Advanced URL Changes.
Bulk edit the destination address: Advanced replace function;

9. Copy or cut and paste between ad groups, campaigns, or even across accounts.
Keywords adhesive between groups / replication. Even across the account copy / paste.

10. Find duplicate keywords in your account with just two clicks of your mouse.
2 mouse clicks you can find all the duplicate keyword.

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