What is Rich Media?

November 30, 2010

Rich Media is browser plug-ins or other scripting language, Java language written in a complex visual effects and interactivity of online advertising, the effectiveness of the use of these effects depends on the one hand, the site of the server-side setting, on the other hand depends the visitor’s browser can be smoothly view. Generally speaking, Rich Media can show more and more exciting advertisements.
Rich Media (Rich media) advertising is a broadband advertising, in addition to providing online real-time video playback, the content itself can also include web pages, images, hyperlinks, and other resources, with synchronized audio and video for broadcast, greatly enriched Network Media Player content and presentation of results. According to the U.S. in 2002, DoubleClick Rich Media to enter the U.S. online advertising market, published on the occasion of the survey results show that online advertising, rich media advertising advertising click-through rate is 6 times normal. Also, after playing the IAB (Interactive Advertising Agency) banner ad click rate is only slightly higher than the other dimensions of the ad several percentag


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