What is CPC advertising?

November 26, 2010

CPC advertising is a way for billing,it is a different way than CPA,CPL,PPL.we will introduce all below:

CPC advertising: means Cost Per Click,sometimes also seen as cost per thousand clicks (Cost Per Thousand Click-Through), based on per-click (or per thousand clicks) units collected. For advertisers, to avoid the risk that only view and not not click the ads,It is the common charging methods for advertisers to publish their new products.

PPC Advertising (Pay-per-Click): click on the ads or e-mail based on the number of users to pay for the information of a Web advertising pricing model.
CPA advertising (Cost-per-Action): based on action taken charge of the pricing model. the cost of each operation, that each visitor to the online advertising For the special definition user actions, including the formation of a transaction, access to a registered user, or a click on the online advertising and so on.

CPL advertising (Cost for Per Lead): success pay by per login to pay commission.

PPL advertising (Pay-per-Lead):based on the guidance produced by paid online advertising pricing model. For example, an advertiser for the visitor clicks on the ad to complete the online form and payment to the advertising service provider. This model often used in network membership affiliate marketing developed, fit for little business company.

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