How to measure marketing effects with digital:

November 29, 2010

Truth is :the effects of internet Marketing effect can be measured with digital totally(100%).
How to measure.Next is answer:
1. Access pages: Internet Marketing for more than 5 pages visitors access is valid traffic. more than 10 pages Access is high quality traffic, less than two following pages is spam traffic.
2. Stay: more than 3 minutes is the effective flowing; more than 6 minutes as high quality traffic; less than 1 minute as garbage traffic.
3. The second rebound rate data: the promotion to the second page is the jumping rate of 70% high-quality traffic.
4. Conversion data: the promotion of more than 1% conversion rate to buy high-quality traffic.
Network marketing requires figuring out good: the real flow and flow, effective flow and flow, the natural flow of traffic and to purchase, PV PV low flow and high flow of commercial traffic and recreational traffic.

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