How to Do SEO, Simple 3 Step!

December 6, 2010

In this article we will  show you the basics of  Seo Step.SEO Tips

But first of all what is Website Seo?How to do SEO?

It is simply said as just Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) and it is the actionof  improve your website search engine performance.Let most of people can find your website through Search Engine,such as Google,Yahoo.This three step  includes making your site index-able by google and othersusing the right keywordsand getting google to use those keywords.

1.Making your site indexed by google and yahoo(mainly two).

First Step: a few no brainers your website needs to be online and working in order for google to index it, so you need to get a reliable hosting provider. Next you need to ensure that your web site code can be easily read and understood by google. The first basic steps to this are to make your site standards compliant you can use the w3 validation tool. Google bot and others can read images or use java script so it is important to make sure you have alt and title tags where necessary and that your site can still be accessed without java script. If your site relies heavily on flash or java provide an html version as google cant index flash.

2.Using the right keywords.(important step)

You must use right keywords,otherwise other step is useless. The keywords are specific to your site and that lots of people will be searching or using in there searches. A simple and easy way to do some keyword research is with googles suggestion tools. Simply use it and do a simple search for your site, it will then give you a list of suggestions of what all people around the world have been searching  similar keywords.

3.Getting google to use those keywords

Most people  think this is simple just put them in the keyword meta tag and that’s job done. But that is fairly useless as google and yahoo and all the big search engines don’t use the keyword meta tag. Search engines will look through your code for different ways of giving emphasis on text or a description of a page, it will also look through all the content for common words to use as keywords. To help google and others pic up on these keywords we can put emphasis on them by adding them to the title of the page putting them in headers and making them bold.

4.The final step

Now we have a nice seo site we need the search engines to index it. We could go through each major engine submitting our site individually,but we can save our self some time by going to scrub the web and using their submit tool.


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