How to Automatically Creat and Submit your Sitemap?

December 8, 2010

The mostly important thing to website manager is to create your sitemap,after you build your website .

The sitemap of a website is similar as the table of contents of a book.  Sitemaps is so important that all search engine    can find your website easily. it guides web surfers to the particular part of the website they have a point of interest in. With it they would save lots of  time  to follow your website links and get right to hot point.

Now we know the first step we must do is to Creat your website Sitemap.But if create Sitemap manually,it is a long-time and hard works,nobody like this job.

So,How to Automatically Creat your website Sitemap?

Creating a sitemap, now with software technology or some plugins,is relatively easier than before. You need not be a programming development. There are two ways to get your website sitemap.

1. All need is a notepad, a program editor, and some patience.(this is half automatically)

Here’s how you do it:

  • Create the listing with a notepad, any other word processing program,save name as Sitemap.xml

First off, make sure to type in all the parts and pieces of your website. Include all pages and all links you have. Create it as if you listing the contents of your book. Make a draft first. You’re sure no to miss something out this way.

  • Create a page or link for your sitemap.xml.

You can insert the sitemap on your website ,and make a links to the sitemap. Open up your website creator program and links your sitemap using it. This will be easy for Search Engine to find is better to take sitemap.xml to website root directory.

2. Full automatically Creat sitemap.xml,and Update Submit automatically

This is a better ways for us.which ways we can use,below is usually ways:

  • Online Sitemap files Generator

Such as, Only need you to submit your website address,it can be proceed automatically.but have 500 pages limited.if you want unlimited sitemap generator,you can buy.

  • Automatically Sitemap Plugins to Creat and Submit

If your website are base on wordpress website builder like my website Make Money Tools Online.It will be very easy for you,simply to your manage Dashboard,and select “plugins”,search the google sitemap plugins,the plugins name is:”Simple Google Sitemap XML”,download and install it.

All the things to creat and submit is automatically. All things you have to do is simply One Step:

Set  the homepage priority and frequency,and otherGeneral parameters.below is a sample:


You can slightly tweak your XML sitemap as described in the

The following parameters will be applied to the global XML sitemap. In other words, you cannot choose different parameters for each and every post/page, except the homepage.

Homepage parameters


General parameters

  • Use automatically programming(online or tools)

Actually there are lots of automatically creating sitemap program,i am not list here .Only use the google search ,search keywords:“google sitemap creater”,”sitemap generator”,”Online SiteMap Creator”,you will find lots of them.

So you know it is easy,ha.Enjoy to build your website.

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