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November 29, 2010

Ad click

Ad clicks. Response to the ads is one form of advertising clicks caused by the contents of the current browser redirected to another site or a site with other pages.

Ad display / Ad delivered

Advertising Display / ad delivery. An ad on the user’s computer screen displayed fully displayed as an ad / ad delivery.

Ad download: ads download. Complete ad server will be downloaded to a user’s browser called ad download. If the user’s request has not been fully implemented, advertising download incomplete or has not been downloaded to the line fails ads browsing. Download and advertising display ads similar meaning.

Ad impression

Ad impression. Ad impressions are two aspects: the server side and client. Online advertising can be the user’s browser from the server to provide the ads may also be a request from the user’s browser. There are different ad impression measurement. Roughly speaking, ad impressions and page display, advertising, download closer.

Ad impression ratio

Ad impression rate. Click the number and percentage of advertising impressions, with the click-through rate.

Ad Views (ad here)

Online advertising is the number of users to download, generally a period of time to measure. (Such as: times / day)

Banner (banner ads)

The performance of advertisers, content of a picture, placed in the advertiser’s page, often made into animated form. Not exceed 12K. Sometimes referred to as banners, standards, banners, banner ads, banner ads, full-size ads, banner ads and other names, the Internet, one of the common forms of online advertising. Is usually a picture displayed on the page, common formats, including. Gif, jpg, swf and so on. BANNER advertising a variety of specifications, the most commonly used is the standard 486 × 60 pixel banners, because this specification has been dominant in the early articles about online advertising, such as no special name, usually refers to the standard mark advertising.


Button ad. BANNER advertising is usually smaller than the commonly used buttons there are four ad sizes: 125 × 125 (square button), 120 × 90,120 × 60,88 × 31.

Click Through (point forward)

Online advertising is the user to open, view the number of times.

Click-through Rate (click-through rate)

Online advertising is the number of points and is downloaded into the ratio of the number of (point of import / ad here.)

Cost per Action referred to as CPA (cost per action)

Advertising costs for the advertisers to avoid the risk, and only after the ad sales generated by sales amount in paid advertising site than the average price of higher advertising costs. For example, the unit price of an ad Banner is \ $ 1/CPM words, means that each a thousand times to see if this Banner to receive \ $ 1, and so on, 10,000 people visit the home page is \ $ 10.

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