The Secret Lists of WordPress Ping Update Services

December 14, 2010

Do you know the ping update services of worpress blog?It is important for publisher and webmaster.It is not the command of windows is the update service function fo wordpress writing.

WordPress provides automatic ping feature, As same conditions, more front page snapshot, the higher search engine rankings. So you must let search engine know your blog have updated.

Most of people don’t know the ping update services in the background. and do not know what to do with it.It is used to notify the major blog service, tell them you have updated your blog . Especially if your readers subscribe through Feedburner , and you want to let your reader know you have publish new post the  first time, it  is necessary to config the Ping.

The default ping address is We  recommend you speed up WordPress to be included in below ping list, you can directly copy into “wp-admin”->”Setting”->”writing”:

Recommend several free sites that can  submit your blog to other blog directory addresses,you also can see elder articls:Free Directory Submission Website Automated Lists

just provide the blog name and address easily:

The following may be repeated, we recommend a few less fat, the following can reference.


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